About This Blog

Unreliable narrator. Attractive nuisance. Humiliations galore. And much, much more.

Content policy:

Facts are as up-to-date as my free time and access to objective sources will allow. Opinions and theories are my own, unless otherwise cited. I do read a variety of other blogs from time to time, and if you think I’ve unwittingly (or intentionally) plagiarized someone’s original idea, by all means let me know. I believe information wants to be free, but I won’t front by taking credit for originating something I didn’t. Which leads me to…

Comment policy:

Reasonable, thoughtful commentary is appreciated. If I’ve somehow gotten my facts wrong in any post I make, by all means tell me, with citations to back you up. If you disagree with my point of view on anything, feel free to state your views so long as you do so respectfully with some attempt at clarity. If I ask you not to say or do something, please be courteous and refrain from doing so in my blog. Hate speech and spam will not be tolerated. I reserve the right to ban anyone from commenting as I see fit.


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