Moving forward, taking stock: activism and life.

Yeah, so I have nearly a dozen planned topics to blog in depth about, but apart from my usual procrastinatory practices, I’ve also spent the last two months searching for, finding and moving into a new flat in a different part of town, while trying to maintain an active social(-justice) life, so no apologies this […]

Taking a shine to the new year.

I hope 2012 is off to a decent start for everyone reading this: a good but modest start, since it’s only just begun and we shouldn’t get anyone’s hopes up just yet! I should have blogged about this at least a week ago, but I just couldn’t get organized enough to do so. No excuse, […]

The Weekend of HELL, and its aftermath

So this thing happened here in New Zealand over the past week. A popular pizza chain, HELL, caught flack for having, among their Misfortune Cookie line, a “misfortune” that read “You will marry a transgender” (sic). A photo of it made its way around Facebook, starting around Friday evening, and several people (myself included) responded […]