Originally posted on Raising My Rainbow:
To grandmother’s house we go. #14hourdrive #cabinfever Back in April I was contacted by Ravali Reddy, a super-smarty student at Stanford University who is an undergraduate communication major (class of 2014, whoot whoot!) and a huge fan of Raising My Rainbow. She wanted to write about our family as…

Moving forward, taking stock: activism and life.

Yeah, so I have nearly a dozen planned topics to blog in depth about, but apart from my usual procrastinatory practices, I’ve also spent the last two months searching for, finding and moving into a new flat in a different part of town, while trying to maintain an active social(-justice) life, so no apologies this […]

Apologies, some filler, and some event notices.

That extra-cerebral post on books I’ve been meaning to make has taken longer than expected. When reading is one of those things you’ve enjoyed all your life, but also sort of taken for granted, when you turn around to look back at all that it’s done for you, it’s actually kind of overwhelming! Like opening […]

Elided awesomeness: NaNoWriMo and Coilhouse.

I’ve cut back on social media and skipped blogging entirely for the past two weeks while I try to compose something extra-cerebral on the subject of books, as a precursor to reviewing some excellent YA novels. But I was reminded of two rather severe oversights in my 2011 review post, that I think I should […]

Taking a shine to the new year.

I hope 2012 is off to a decent start for everyone reading this: a good but modest start, since it’s only just begun and we shouldn’t get anyone’s hopes up just yet! I should have blogged about this at least a week ago, but I just couldn’t get organized enough to do so. No excuse, […]

End of queer—er, year—post.

2011 was a mixed year for me personally, but overall quite good. I’ve referred to it once or twice as my Year of Queer, since I finally found the courage and the local community necessary to take my queer activism beyond the level of Like/Share/Retweet, beginning with the seminal Queer The Night march back in […]

On tragedy, stress and frustration tolerance.

I was already composing this post in my head yesterday, while reflecting on the thousands of women marching through the streets of Egypt, in outrage against the stripping and beating of a young woman by soldiers meant to serve and protect. I felt further driven to expound after my San Francisco-based friends started reporting today […]