Due to personal circumstances, I haven’t updated my own blog in a while. I have good and bad things alike to share once I do, but for now, sharing something nice from a fellow WP blogger. Enjoy.

Raising My Rainbow

Back in April I was contacted by Ravali Reddy, a super-smarty student at Stanford University who is an undergraduate communication major (class of 2014, whoot whoot!) and a huge fan of Raising My Rainbow.

She wanted to write about our family as a narrative story for the magazine journalism course in which she was enrolled.  I’m a former communication major myself, at a school much lesser-known than Stanford, one with a religious affiliation that might disown me as an alumni if they found out about this blog.  I kindly obliged the request and granted Ravali access to our family that I had never given any member of the media before or since.  I’m glad I did.  Click here to read her finished piece.  

My boys fell in love with Ravali — it probably had something to do with the fancy kites she gave them and the carousel rides she…

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