End of queer—er, year—post.

2011 was a mixed year for me personally, but overall quite good. I’ve referred to it once or twice as my Year of Queer, since I finally found the courage and the local community necessary to take my queer activism beyond the level of Like/Share/Retweet, beginning with the seminal Queer The Night march back in June that saw an impressive turn-out in response to some homophobic and transphobic assaults in the region. Other queer happenings I’m proud to have taken part in include openly gay Olympic athlete Blake Skjellerup’s anti-bullying tour across the nation of New Zealand and my first ever podcast interview on the weird and wonderful Feast of Fun (which, if you haven’t noticed by now, is the place I tend to archive all the queer happenings I hear about or take part in!).

Starting this blog at long last was also a good move, and I hope to write more in the coming year, a mix of information and entertainment as best as I can manage. Updating at least once a week seems doable; I may go for twice, but at the same time I’m trying to cut back on my internet use so I have more time to read, make art, exercise, and generally do things that are objectively healthy and good for me.

On the subject of healthy and good, I have reduced my weight to a number not seen on the scale since I graduated high school. What’s significant is that back in high school, I would have done so through some very unhealthy and sad-making methods, and this time I did so through much more laudable methods. What I did exactly, why I did it, whether I’d recommend others follow suit, etc? All subjects for future posts.

I get the impression from reading others’ end-of-year posts that I should end with some bold declaration of my plans for the coming year. Thing is, I’ve been keeping even stranger hours than normal lately—I spent the last two nights sorting through a pile of clothing that has been sitting around waiting for various repairs and alterations, running bits through the sewing machine and rewatching the last season of Doctor Who on DVD—and I don’t think I can come up with anything too thoughtful or inspiring at the moment, as the sky outside pales to powder-blue and the birds start warming up for the dawn chorus.

So I’ll close this one with some idle critter geekery. Which is the more awesome name for an animal that really exists? The Screaming Hairy Armadillo? Or The Dark Chanting Goshawk? I vote the latter, as I imagine it perches in wait on a gnarled acacia tree, and when likely prey flies or scuttles by, it bursts out with the refrain of “O Fortuna” and causes the unfortunate target to drop dead on the spot, to be eaten or tucked away for future degustation.

Belly of the sky goddess.

Sunset clouds, seen from the train from Kaikoura to Christchurch.

But that’s me. Happy New Year, all.


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