Still tinkering around with WordPress behind the scenes. I thought I was supposed to have a list of links show up down yonder in the margin, showing all the other platforms and sites I visit and/or help maintain. Not seeing it, so for now, here’s the list:

My Etsy shop – Where I sell all the crazy artsy stuff I make as if it were pathology. I specialize in black velvet paintings, Ukrainian-style egg ornaments, art cards, paperweights, hollow books and avant-garde jewelry. Currently, if you enter the discount code REINDEERFART during checkout, you’ll get 10% off your order. Valid until Dec 13.

Feast of Fun – The website for iTunes’ most downloaded LGBT podcast. Co-hosts Fausto Fernos and Marc Felion are a lovely couple living in Chicago who provide news and entertainment for freaks, geeks, queers, and general fun-loving types. I used to blog in the Fresh section a lot more than I do at present, and Fausto will probably be mad at me for taking more time away from there to write here instead. 😉

Twitter – I also used to update my Twitter feed a lot from my phone. Said phone has since been lost (and most likely stolen judging from account activity I viewed before suspending it online), and I’m currently adjusting to using a new one of an entirely different make and model. Not missing too much there, except for the occasional funny or intelligent retweet (what I use the “reflected brilliance” category to refer to). You might as well just follow folks like journalist/blogger Laurie Penny or musician/magazine publisher Meredith Yayanos directly.

Tumblr – Again, not missing too much original content there. If you already follow The Wellington Young Feminists Collective or ANIMALS TALKING IN ALL CAPS, good on you.

That’s enough updating for now. I have a Gothic horror novel and a painting waiting to be finished. Good night, and good day, ye pleasant few.


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